Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bored? How About a Clothes Swapping Party...

Image thanks to Annetta

Have you ever thought about having a clothes swapping party (or swishing)? I know I hadn't until recently. I've got to that stage where I'm thinking about the holiday coming up but I feel really bored with a lot of the clothes I have in my wardrobe. And I hate to admit this but sometimes buying cheap isn't always the best thing to do as I seem to get bored of the cheaper bits quite easily. 

So, I thought, rather than chuck all these old clothes away or give them to a charity shop, maybe I could have a clothes swapping party! Not only is it a great excuse to have a party and meet up with mates, you aren't chucking anything out and you might come back with some new ones. Still not convinced?

environmentally friendly + social + saving money + mates + fun + party = the best clothes swapping party!

And you aren't just limited to clothes either. They can be bags, scarves, hats and accessories which all help to add to an outfit. 

So if you are planning on having one yourself, here are some tips for having a great clothes swapping party:

 Make sure everyone brings at least one item otherwise it wouldn't be very fair. 

 Put on some food and drink to make things more interesting. 

 Don't be clingy with your clothes - just think about the last time you wore this particular piece of clothing and how long it was since you last wore it. Do you reaaallly need it?

 Try to include a mix of cheaper items and more expensive items from your wardrobe to make things fairer and organise it so everyone knows the approximate price. 

 Don't let there be any fighting or squabbling over items!

 Have a countdown - give everyone time to browse through everything and then announce when swishing can start.

 You could even make it a fund raiser and have fun at the same time!

 Make sure there is somewhere for people to try the items on, with at least one full length mirror.

 If one item is popular with the girls, you may want to do a draw so there is no bickering.

 Ask everyone to make sure each item is clean and ironed beforehand and at an acceptable level. No excessively worn clothes should be brought.

 Try to encourage people to try things on before taking them. This stops people from picking everything up which might not fit.

Let me know how yours go if you have had one or are planning on having one as I would love to hear about it.


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